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About the institute

About the institute

The history of the Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the first academic institution in the Grodno region, dates back to the time of occurence of a major scientific direction in the field of vitaminology, created and developed on the basis of the Department of Biochemistry of the Grodno State Medical Institute (now the Grodno State Medical University). It was there that the foundation was laid for the emergence of the Grodno biochemical school - the school of Academician Yuri M. Ostrovsky. Scientific and personnel prerequisites for opening in Grodno the Department of Metabolism Regulation of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR (AN BSSR) have been created.

At present, the Institute is by right the leading research center of the Republic in the field of biochemistry. The arsenal of innovative developments of the Institute includes substances for medicines and diagnostics, food additives.

Consistent work on the development of the developed technologies gave a new impetus to the development of the biochemical industry of the Republic of Belarus. An important step towards innovation was the organization at the Institute in 2015 of the International Center for Monitoring Alcohol Addiction and the creation in 2019 of three industry laboratories for the development of new technologies and the development of biological products for various purposes.

Thanks to the high scientific level and innovative potential of research, the international prestige of the Institute has increased, and its scientific ties with the countries of the near and far abroad have expanded.

The Institute regularly spend International and Republican scientific conferences, which contribute to a constructive discussion of the state and prospects for the development of biochemistry and molecular biology, the establishment and strengthening of scientific contacts, international scientific cooperation, and the acceleration of innovation processes in various sectors of the national economy.

Directors of the Institute:

The founder and first director of the Institute of Biochemistry - Ostrovsky Yuri M. (1985-1991) - biochemist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, honored worker of science of the BSSR. Academician Yuri.M. Ostrovsky led the Institute from the date of its creation until the last days of his life.

From 1992 to 1996, Larin F.S., a biochemist, Doctor of Biological Sciences, worked as the director of the Institute. In 1996-1998 Moiseenok A.G. acted as director. - Doctor of Biological Sciences, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. From 1998 to 2002, the director of the Institute was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Nefedov L.I., in 2003-2005 - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Lelevich V.V. P.S. Pronko, from 2006 to 2011, D.I. Romanovsky, P.T. Petrov (acting director, 2011), 2011-2012 - Professor S.A. Usanov, acting director in 2013-2014 P.S. Pronko, in 2014-2017 the director was Doctor of Biological Sciences L.I. Nadolnik, in 2018-2022 - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor I.N. Semenya.

The founder of the Institute of Pharmacology and Biochemistry and its director since 2006 was Dmitry I. Romanovsky, Doctor of Pharmacology. Under his leadership, a modern research base of the Institute was created in Minsk and Grodno, a national nursery and an experimental biological clinic were created, scientific schools of pharmacology, toxicology and molecular medicine were founded, scientific directions and programs were formed, dozens of new medicines were developed and introduced into production. , the Academpharm pharmaceutical plant was built, a road map for the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Belarus until 2025 was formed.

Institute staff:

Head of the Center for Biotesting – Dubovik Boris V., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Pharmacology, Laureate of the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology;

Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Work - Nikolaevich Larisa N., Ph.D.;

Deputy Director for Research - Kravchenko Elena V., Ph.D.;

Deputy Director for Scientific and Innovative Work - Head of the Grodno Branch - Pronko Pavel S., Doctor of Biological Sciences

An outstanding role in the development of the Institute was played by the heads of departments Professor Buko V.U., Professor Vinogradov V.V., Ph.D. Kravchenko E. V., Professor Moiseenok A. G., Ph.D. Shilov V.V., heads of laboratories Ph.D. Afonin V. Yu., Ph.D. Zverinsky I. V., Ph.D. Kurman P.V., Ph.D. Nasek V. M., Leading Researcher Ph.D. Stepuro I.I., Head of the Department of Biomodels Osmolovsky S.A. and others.