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Journal "Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"

The journal offers the opportunity to publish articles of an advertising nature and other types of advertising information.

Features of magazines and advertising in magazines

Magazines, as a type of press, and advertising in magazines have a number of features:

  • it takes up to several weeks to prepare materials for publication in journals;
  • targeted audience;
  • the quality of advertising in magazines is high;
  • allow you to send not only advertising materials, but also advertising samples of goods. Special inserts on glue, stitching, converting, layouts, multi-page tabs, holography, sound pages are possible in them; sample room. Advertisements in magazines can be printed on a special paper that differs from the paper of the entire magazine;
  • narrow target groups are reachable through magazines, which is impossible for newspapers;
  • magazine ads live longer: they are read for months, often stored for years. More than 70% of men and women revisit the previously read issue of the magazine;
  • readers often perceive well-prepared material not as advertising, but as a useful article;
  • an advertisement placed next to a thematic material has an enhanced effect;
  • magazines can publish long and detailed promotional materials;
  • people read magazines to pass the time, not to get the news like in newspapers. Hence, consumers have a higher quality of perception of advertising;
  • magazines have a very large secondary audience, as they are read not only by those who subscribe or buy the magazine.


Articles of an advertising nature and other types of advertising information are published after prepayment.

Editorial address

230009, Republic of Belarus, Grodno, pl. Tyzengauz, 7


Editorial representative:

Sutsko Irina, сandidate of Biological Sciences, еxecutive secretary

Contact phone number: +375152558778


The Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus will provide translation services into Russian of scientific articles