Grodno, 7 Antoni Tyzenhauz Square
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Position: director
Aleh Kuzniatsou
Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Personal reception time: wednesday: 1430 – 1530

Reception: Ekaterina Grishko
phone/fax: +375152559075; e-mail:


Position: deputy director for research
Halina Khovanskaya
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, physician of rehabilitation
Personal reception time: tuesday: 1430 – 1530
phone/fax: +375152559075; e-mail:


Position: deputy Director for general affairs
Natallia Andreichyk
Personal reception time: thursday: 1430 – 1530
phone: +375152559071; e-mail:


Position: scientific secretary
Elena Raduta 
Personal reception time: monday: 1430 – 1530
phone: +375152559073; e-mail:

The book of comments and suggestions is kept by the scientific secretary of the Institute


Assistant Secretary: Ekaterina Grishko
phone/fax: +375152559075; e-mail:


Position: chief accountant
Galina Marchik
phone: +375152681569


Position: HR specialist
Svetlana Sinitsina
phone: +375152314427; e-mail:


Position: lawyer
Marina Sanyuk
phone: +375152314427; е-mail: