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Structural divisions

The Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus carries out qualitative identification and quantitative determination of a wide range of natural biologically active compounds (amino acids and their metabolites, water-soluble vitamins, steroid hormones) in various biological materials.

Application area:
ecology and environmental protection: determination of nitrogen metabolism disorders in living organisms under changing environmental conditions;
food industry: quality control and biological value of food products;
agriculture: analysis of the biological value and quality of feed, bioadditives, phytochemical analysis of plant materials and agricultural products;
medicine: monitoring of the biochemical status of the human and animal body, diagnosis of hereditary enzymopathies, biochemical testing in the field of metabolomics and proteomics of humans and animals.
pharmacology: analytical determination of the active substances of drugs and dietary supplements based on amino acids, vitamins and steroid hormones.
Departure on object to the customer for sampling is possible.

– high quality, reliability, accuracy and reliability of the results obtained;
- Availability and low prices.
The structure of the Institute is represented by departments, industry laboratories, groups, sectors and vivariums.
Detailed information:
Khovanskaya Galina Nikolaevna - Deputy Director for Research
Phone: +375152314418; e-mail: