Grodno, 7 Antoni Tyzenhauz Square
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Laboratory for monitoring the micronutrient status of the population


Lukienko Elena Petrovna

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Position: head of laboratory

Phone: +375152559079

Mobile number: +375297805330


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Main activities:

  • Monitoring of micronutrient status in children of different ages.
  • Assessment of the condition and correction of microelement status in the population of the regions affected by the Chernobyl accident.
  • Control of the content of toxic elements in food and food raw materials.
  • Study of microelement components in soil and water sources of the Grodno region.


Industry laboratory services

  1. Development of the composition and formulation of food additives for the creation of functional foods, biologically active additives .
  2. Preclinical biological testing of dietary supplements, medicines, food supplements, etc. on cell culture and on experimental models on laboratory animals.
  3. Testing of antidiabetic drugs on β-cell culture, etc.
  4. In vitro testing of drugs that reduce the degree of protein glycosylation.
  5. Testing the cytotoxicity of chemotherapy drugs on cell cultures.
  6. Study of the microelement composition of water, soil, biological material (blood, urine, tissues of animals, plants and humans), dietary supplements, pharmaceutical substances; perhaps, the study of the trace element composition of minerals (the method needs to be improved).


Laboratory equipment

  • Liquid chromatograph «Agilent Technologies»
  • Gas chromatograph «Agilent Technologies»
  • NexION2000B Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer


Experimental Models

  • models of diabetes 1 (alloxan, streptozotocin) and type 2 diabetes (high-fat diet + streptozotocin in low doses);
  • models of acute and chronic stress: hypokinesia, hypoxia, psycho-emotional stress, audiogenic stress, physical activity (running), combined stress;
  • hypothyroidism model (methimazole-induced, bilateral and unilateral thyroidectomy), iodine deficiency model and excess iodine intake model;
  • model of exposure to acute (small, medium, large doses) and chronic ionizing radiation (small, medium doses);
  • model of ischemia and ischemia/reperfusion of the kidneys;
  • immunodeficiency model;
  • pantothenic deficiency model.


Research methods practiced in the laboratory

  • determination of the concentration of fat-soluble vitamins by HPLC: A, E, D - in blood serum and animal tissues, food additives, food products, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical substances, etc.;
  • determination of the concentration of water-soluble vitamins: - vitamin C (urine and blood), pyridoxine (in the blood);
  • riboflavin, thiamine, pyridoxylic acid (in urine) and in other biological materials (blood serum, tissues), as well as milk, food additives, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical substances, dietary supplements, etc.;
  • determination of the concentration of hormones by HPLC: - corticosterone, aldosterone, testosterone in blood serum;
  • determination of the concentration of coenzyme A and acetyl-CoA by HPLC in animal and human tissues in dietary supplements;
  • determination of the concentration of microelements by mass spectrometry with inductively coupled plasma: - water, urine, tissues, food additives, foodstuffs, dietary supplements, etc., animals and humans;
  • determination of indicators of the antioxidant system by the spectrophotometric method: - SOD, catalase, GPO, GR, GT; determination of the total antioxidant activity of serum and tissues;
  • determination of the concentration of low molecular weight antioxidants (glutathione), as well as the concentration of non-protein, protein thiols and their total in serum and tissues;
  • determination of the concentration of LPO indicators: - concentration of TBRS, as well as DPA-reactive products;
  • determination of the concentration of free fatty acids in the blood and tissues by gas chromatography.


Projects and tasks carried out in the laboratory

  • Task 4.1.5 "Vitamin and microelement status in metabolic disorders and its correction with natural immunomodulators, microelements and vitamin derivatives";
  • Agreement No. 12-10/21/02 "Study of the effectiveness of samples of compositions based on natural plant raw materials that improve memory."
  • Agreement 14/02-22 "Study of the stress-protective effects of samples of compositions based on natural plant materials in rats under the influence of combined stress (hypokinesia + psycho-emotional stress)";
  • BRFFR grant No. M21ARM-019 "Chemical synthesis of substrates and development of a new method for determining the activity of pantetheinase in biological fluids for the purpose of early laboratory diagnosis of acute renal failure."


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