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Council of young scientists

The Council of Young Scientists (CYS) of the State Enterprise "Institute of Biochemistry of Biologically Active Compounds of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" was established to increase the role and responsibility of young scientists in the formation of scientific policy, the development of scientific potential, overcoming negative trends in the age structure of scientific personnel and the integration of science and education.

Researchers, post-graduate students and doctoral candidates of the Institute, engineering and technical personnel and other specialists with higher education under the age of 35 are recognized as young scientists. Currently there are 20 young scientists working at the Institute.

Chairman of the CYS: Shuriberko Aleksey Vladimirovich, Head of the Sector of the Molecular Biology Sector

Phone: +375336867892; email: 

Deputy Chairman: Romanchuk Anna Valerianovna

Phone: +375293859345; email: 

Academic secretary: Kazinets Ekaterina Alexandrovna

Phone: +375298867501; e-mail: 

The purpose of the activity: assistance in the implementation of professional, intellectual and social interests and rights of young scientists, contributing to their professional growth.

The main tasks and activities of the LSU:

  • development of the potential of creative and scientific young people, promotion of professional growth, active participation of young scientists in fundamental and applied research;
  • promoting the integration of science and education;
  • involvement of students of institutions providing higher education in the relevant specialties in research work at the Institute;
  • promoting professional growth, active participation of young scientists in fundamental and applied scientific research, in grant programs of the Academy and foundations;
  • organization of information support for scientific youth, providing information about foundations, grants, conferences, schools, and other activities to support scientific youth;
  • promoting the publication of conference and seminar materials of young scientists, articles, monographs and other scientific and popular scientific works of young scientists;
  • supporting the development of international scientific and cultural relations with the participation of young scientists;
  • assistance in encouraging representatives of scientific youth;
  • promotion of youth innovation projects strengthening and development of scientific contacts with representatives of the Councils of Young Scientists of the Academy of Sciences, institutions providing higher education, and research centers, including foreign ones;
  • preparation and carrying out of tourist, sports and cultural events; representation of interests of young scientists in state, scientific, public and other organizations.


The main areas of work of young scientists of the Institute:

  1. study of the molecular mechanisms of the development of liver, cardiovascular and endocrine system diseases associated with the action of toxic factors, stress, alcohol abuse and deficiency of essential micronutrients;
  2. study of the chemical composition, metabolism, mechanisms and pharmacological properties of natural biologically active substances;
  3. development of new drugs, creation of new vitamin preparations and nutraceuticals.


The work of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute is coordinated by the Deputy Director for Research Galina Hovanskaya, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.